Webix UI Designer

Incredible design tool for UI prototyping

Save time on creating business web applications. Use your inspiration, create a web UI design, and share it with your team and customers.

  • Prototype UI requirements during the business analysis stage
  • Create your custom web app UI in a WYSIWYG editor
  • Share your web templates with the development team and customers
  • Learn the top-notch UX practices

How to:

Cheсk this tutorial to learn the basics of UI Designer

Webix UI Designer benefits

Work in collaboration

Work in teams, share your design with developers, UX experts, clients, and designers.

Less coding more fun

Now you don't need to have programming skills to create a UI layer of the application.

Prototyping and proof of concept

Provide your presales and business analysis team with efficient and colorful UI presentations.

Smooth UI integration

With Webix UI framework you can quickly and effortlessly implement your design into any project.


Customers' feedback can help significantly improve Webix UI Designer. Feel free to share your ideas with our development team.